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We're Fluctis, Hello!

Fluctis is managed by gamers and community managers and was the child of a gaming community. The managers of this community decided they wanted to do more than just offer servers for their players, they wanted everyone to be able have a server of the same quality as theirs, thus Fluctis was born.

Our core values here at Fluctis Hosting:

We love our loyal customers.
Communication is the
key to success.
To provide the best quality service.
We love games too!
We get it.

We're not going anywhere!

Don't settle for overnight hosts, go for quality and stability. Fluctis has been in business for 5 years and is planning to stay here for as long as it needs!

Due to the lacking current control panels and integration options, Fluctis has decided to create its own unique control panel. We can honestly say that it is one of the fastest control panels available for use, stopping your server in only 1/3 of a second.

Ordering is quick and easy. As soon as your order is finished and paid your server will be set up instantly within half a minute. You will receive a mail with the link to the control panel and your login information. All the other information you need will be available in the panel itself, so no need to look trough all those annoying mails!

Want to learn more information about our network or datacenters?

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