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Minecraft tends to have a major update once or twice every year.  When this happens, you typically want to update your Minecraft Server to the latest Update; But how? Here at Fluctis Hosting, we want to make this process as easy and straight forward as possible.  This article will cover the general questions and process necessary to update your Minecraft Server to the latest version.  


Whens the right time to update?

The right time to update your server to the latest Minecraft Version is about two weeks after the update.  This gives enough time for Spigot and PaperMC to update, and deal with any major performance issues that may be caused by the update.  In this time, Mojang may also release a minor update to address any issues caused by the update as well.  This is why we always suggest waiting instead of updating on day zero of the update. Additionally, if you are relying on Spigot or PaperMC for plugins, you MUST wait till either updates.  Plugins WILL NOT work with the Minecraft Vanilla Server Software. Additionally, plugins may break due to changes within the updates.  We suggest backing up the server (which will be mentioned next) before testing new versions. 


Backing Up Your Server

If you read anything out of this article, we hope it is this section.  Backing up your Minecraft Server BEFORE updating will give you the ability to rollback to said backup encase the update breaks the map, or you have issues with the plugins.  There are two effective ways of backing up your Minecraft Server with us that we will be going over today.  To start with either however, PLEASE stop the server. 


Backing Up Using the Panels Backup Manager.

The easiest way to backup your Minecraft World is by using our Backup Manager on the panel.  Simply go to Backup Manager, enter the name you want to save it as, and click backup.  We advise waiting at minimum 3 Minutes before making any changes or starting the server afterwards (especially if you have a very large map!). Please do note that our Backup Manager ONLY backs up the map.  After this, you will need to backup your plugins manually using your FTP if you have any.  The best way to do this is to click the checkbox beside the plugins folder, scroll to the bottom of the page, and select "Zip" from the Selection Menu.   After that, name it to something of your choice (like pluginsbackup), and then hit zip.  Please remember not to add a .zip to the end of the name as it is not necessary.  


Backing Up Using Your FTP.

Another method which we suggest for larger server setups is to backup all your files using your FTP.  For help on setting up the FTP Connection, please see our other article <here>.  After connecting to the FTP, please navigate to your servers directory.  Once you have done this, make a folder to store your files on your PC and name it something obvious so you know it contains your servers backup.  Next, navigate to that folder in your FTP Software.  After this is done, please select all the folders on the server side you want to backup (Maps, Plugins, Etc.), and move them to the folder you created on your PC.  Please do not backup the following files:

  • mcp.pid
  • server.properties

Once the file transfer completes, you are free to move on to the next section which would be updating your Minecraft Server.


Updating Your Minecraft Server

Updating your Minecraft Server with us is as easy as pie!  First things first, you will need to stop your server if you have not done so already. Simply navigate to the Control Panels Server Dashboard for the Minecraft Server you want to update and click the Versions Page link. Once there, you will be presented with the following options:

Versions Page

Simply select "Install the latest", or select the version of whichever Minecraft Server Software you are using.  We STRONGLY suggest using PaperMC for anything past 1.14 Java Edition of Minecraft for the best performance and stability.  PaperMC is optimized to run much better than the Minecraft Vanilla Server Software. If PaperMC or Spigot has not updated yet, we recommend holding off on updating as mentioned earlier.  


Debugging Your Minecraft Server After Updating

Q. My Nether and End are gone!
A. <Fill in here> 


Q. ALL my plugins are not loading.
A. If you selected Vanilla Minecraft on the Updates Page, your plugins will not work as they are not compatible with Vanilla Minecraft.   You can stop the server, go back to the Versions Page, and select a copy of PaperMC OR Spigot for the MC Version you want.  If none are available for the new Minecraft version yet, please be patient and check back later later for it.  It may take days/a week for PaperMC and Spigot to update to the new Minecraft Version.

Q. SOME of my plugins are not loading/working correctly anymore. 
A. Some plugins can and will break due to a Minecraft Update.  If you can run the server without them, we suggest disabling them and keeping an eye on the plugin authors page for updates.  If you MUST have the plugins to run your server however, we suggest downgrading to the previous MC Version.  


Additional Information

Reverting to a previous Minecraft Version

As long as you followed the Backup Step, this should be fairly painless.  Simply delete your world folder that is currently being used and restore the backup (by the Backup Manager OR uploading your copy).   If you have altered your plugin setup, you will need to do the same.


RAM Usage.

Please monitor your RAM Usage when updating your Minecraft Server.  Newer updates can use more RAM and may require a server upgrade as a result.  If your server is getting close to it's maximum subscribed ram, feel free to contact us and we can assist with the upgrade process. A reminder, you do keep your Discount Codes when upgrading :) .  


Contact Support if you have more questions.

When all else fails contact support.  We can answer additional questions and help with upgrading. We hope this article helped you with the upgrade process of your Minecraft Server.

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