How do I cancel my service? Print

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If you need to cancel your service(s) for any reason, it's rather simple to do. Follow this step by step procedure and we hope you enjoyed your server(s)!

STEP 1: Go into our Billing/Support panel. Click Services, then My Services. You should see an area on the page that looks like the following image.

STEP 2: Press 'View Details' as the red rectangle shows in the above picture.

STEP 3:  You'll see a menu like the one in the image below. Mouse over 'Management Actions' and you'll see Request Cancellation. Click on Request Cancellation.

STEP 4: Provide a reason for your cancellation and the type - Immediate or End Of Term.

Be aware that this does not cancel your Paypal subscriptions, these have to be cancelled manually trough Paypal.

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