How do I cancel my service?

If you need to cancel your service(s) for any reason, it's rather simple to do. Follow this step by step procedure and we hope you enjoyed your server(s)!

STEP 1: Go into our Billing/Support panel. Click Services, then My Services. You should see an area on the page that looks like the following image.

STEP 2: Press 'View Details' as the red rectangle shows in the above picture.

STEP 3:  You'll see a menu like the one in the image below. Mouse over 'Management Actions' and you'll see Request Cancellation. Click on Request Cancellation.

STEP 4: Provide a reason for your cancellation and the type - Immediate or End Of Term.

Be aware that this does not cancel your Paypal subscriptions, these have to be cancelled manually trough Paypal.

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